About Thunder Tier One

Thunder Tier One is a realistic top-down shooter where the player will join an elite task force fighting enemy operatives. Players must utilize all their tactical skills in real time to neutralize enemy combatants and achieve mission objectives.

About the

Thunder Tier One started as a personal project for PUBG Head of Action and Gunplay Unit Pawel Smolewski when he was working at Bohemia Interactive in 2016. He shared the idea with colleagues Nelson Duarte and Arseniy Smirnov, and together they began developing the game. However, production stopped after a year as the team had other commitments. After restarting work and pitching the idea to Krafton in 2020, the team recruited Pedro Pinho, Jorge Aguiar, Lorenzo Salvadori, Ricardo Mota, Ricardo Sousa, Joao Rebelo and Michał Flodrowski to help them work on the game.

KRAFTON, Inc. is a collective of independent game development teams responsible for various entertainment properties, including PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, ELYON and TERA. The name, which is derived from the word craftsmanship, is an acknowledgement of the company’s never-ending pursuit of innovation and creating engaging experiences. KRAFTON currently consists of PUBG Studio, Bluehole Studio, RisingWings Studio and Striking Distance Studios. For more information about KRAFTON, Inc., please visit https://www.krafton.com.